Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger

Since my last book review was for older teenagers, here's one for the younger crowder. Keeper of the Lost Cities, by Shannon Messenger, is technically a children's book, but I'd say it's a kids' book in the same way Harry Potter is a kids' book. Anyone could read it and love it. It's that good.

I read Keeper of the Lost Cities for myself a couple of years ago (and went on to read and love the rest of the series that's been written so far), but I also introduced it to my seven-year-old daughter last month and, oh boy, did she love it. She is seriously hooked on this series now and I can't say I blame her. Here's why:
  • Tension on every page. Most chapters end in a cliffhanger, which made us want to keep reading to find out what happened next.
  • A protagonist you root for. My daughter and I both cried at a couple of different points, feeling the protagonist's heartbreak as she felt it.
  • Interesting secondary characters. (Team Keefe all the way!)
  • A fun twist on the elven world, with incredible world-building and food that I'd go vegetarian for.
  • Mystery and baddies and riddles and danger. 
  • Cool powers.
  • Humour. My daughter had to stop me reading many times so she could giggle. 
  • A captivating story.

Age appropriateness

As I mentioned, I'm reading this series with my seven-year-old daughter, but she's nearly eight and I'm there with her for the darker content (like kidnapping). I'd say this would be better for slightly older kids as it is pretty long, but it's such a good book that I think anyone could get hooked on it. It's an excellent one to get your kids excited about reading chapter books. Teens, don't discount it either. Seriously, this book is awesome for anyone. 

I give Keeper of the Lost Cities and the rest of the series five stars. 


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