The perfection of YA

YA fiction is, to me, the best kind of fiction. When it's done right, nothing beats it. It's short, sharp and intensely wonderful. It can (and does) deal with intense issues, but leaves readers with a sense of hopefulness rather than the despair that's often found in adult fiction.

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather finish a book feeling hopeful than traumatised.

In YA Book Adoration, you'll find my reviews of the best YA books and series I come across. The ones that leave me aglow with all the feels. Not the duds. (Although hats off to all authors for giving it their best. Writing is hard and I'm fully aware my taste is not everyone's taste, so the books that are duds to me may well be the darlings of other YA fan blogs.)

Occasionally on here I'll review books that technically fall under the children's category, but that I think will appeal to teens and adults too. Very occasionally I may even review an adult book. But only if it's supremely awesome.

I hope you'll find this site a welcome resource.

Emma xx


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